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Patio-perfect suppers

Story and photos by Angie Sutton


I was busy running errands and drove past the meat market on the corner several times before the list of special sale items caught my eye. Chicken quarters, ribs, pork chops…oh my! My carnivorous side took over when I pulled in quickly. I love my meat market on the corner. Mostly because I walk in and ask Tim if he can package me up 4 pounds of beef short ribs and a few minutes later they are cut perfectly, wrapped and ready to go. He usually has a few tips on how best to prepare a certain cut of meat and has suggestions on which are best for the slow cooker.

So to the van I head loaded down with a week’s supply of the aforementioned meat. I email hubby Jeff and ask for suggestions on what he thinks sounds good. A few of the meat cuts he reserves for grilling. I get to work on the side dishes. The garden is now producing like crazy and tomatoes, sweet corn and green beans find their way to our table daily. My neighbor Norma gave me a salad recipe to use up the spinach we have growing, and I tested a few other side dishes from a local recipe contest.

When the weather permits and is cool enough, we love to eat on our back patio. We love these slow evenings in the cherished final weeks of summer. Ball is over and camps are wrapped up. Soon enough we’ll be school clothes shopping and filling backpacks. But for now, we’ll just sit, relax and enjoy family time. Check out more new recipes every week on my blog.


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