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All things pumpkin

Story and photo by Angie Sutton


As I write this article, it happens to be around lunch time with the outside temperature topping out at 65 F and a healthy dose of moisture falling from the sky. No doubt my first batch of chili will soon be in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

I know it’s not technically fall yet but certainly all indications point toward it soon approaching. Friday night high school football games, Sunday night football on the television and at the shop downtown decorations of orange, brown and yellow have taken over. My niece Lindsey has been working hard on her FFA Pink Pumpkin Patch all summer and says there are a few approaching maturity. Speaking of the great orange fruit, I was perusing that internet resource where you pin things you like, and it is abuzz with all things pumpkin.

By now you’ve noticed that I referred to the pumpkin as a fruit. Pumpkins belong to the family Cucurbitacae, which includes cucumbers, squash and melons. Within this family is the genus Cucurbita, which includes all varieties of pumpkin. Biologically speaking and very basically, pumpkins have seeds so they are a fruit. Whether you refer to it as a vegetable or a fruit, it is a tasty base for all types of cakes, breads, muffins, pies and the like. I’ve compiled a rundown of the hottest recipes containing pumpkin on the popular pin site right now. After adapting and testing a few, hands down, fall is here.

Here are a few of the recipes we like to fuel our training.


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