MCA honors junior cattle exhibitors

During the 50th Annual Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show, junior beef cattle exhibitors were recognized for their hard work and success in the show ring. These junior showmen exhibited cattle at six shows sponsored by the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association. Points based on class placings were accumulated during 2017 and the top exhibitors received prizes during the convention.

The top five heifers were exhibited by Carter Ward, Plattsburg; Jaden Riley, Harrisonville; Ryleigh Morris, Ash Grove; Lucas Crutcher, Fair Grove; and Kameran Collier, Adrian.

Overall heifers in each breed were awarded as follows: Carter Ward, Angus; Lea Simmons, Charolais; Chandler Stedem, Charolais Composite; Ellistin Morey, Chianiana; Gage Swindler, Gelbvieh; Karley Rumfelt, Balancer; Claire Silvers, Hereford; Ryleigh Morris, Limousin; Nicholas Rhodes, Maine; Mikayla Storck, Mainetainer; Brett Sartin, Red Angus; Hannah Webb, Salers; Haley Alden, Shorthorn; Kameran Collier, Shorthorn Plus; Paisley Nelson, Simmental; Brittany Eagleburger, Foundation Simmental; and Jaden Riley, Crossbred.

The top five market animals were exhibited by Laurin Dilly, Deerfield; Martell Moore, Bronaugh; Ellistin Morey, Lamar; and Cole Murphy, Houstonia.

Overall market animals in each breed were awarded as follows: Grace Busch, Angus; Mikayla Storck, Charolais; Ellistin Morey, Charolais Composite; Laurin Dilly, Chianiana; Jaden Riley, Hereford; Drake Wood, Limousin; Ketelyn Gillum, Maine; Brennen Davis, Mainetainer; Neal Barnett, Salers; Danny Powell, Shorthorn; Kylee Dameron, Shorthorn Plus; Cole Murphy, Simmental; Davon Jennings, Foundation Simmental; Martell Moore, Crossbred; and Ellistin Morey, Market Heifer.