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Accounting for soil wetness prior to conducting farm operations to minimize compaction

If field operations are done when the soil is too wet, this can lead to soil compaction. Soil compaction can occur from agricultural equipment, animals, and raindrop impact. Read More

Late spring and early summer rains have helped crops but have weeds have also benefited from the moisture. (Journal photo by Dave Bergmeier.)
Black ashes or charcoal texture, background. (Photo: iStock - Okrip)

Application of biochar in agricultural systems

  • By Rakesh Kumar, Jasmeet Lamba, Sushil Adhikari, Allen Torbert, and Wendiam Sawadgo │ Auburn University
Montana Disc Drill Employee (Photo: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Making the Switch: Adopting a Stripper Header and Disc Drill

Panoramic farmland with white barn. (Courtesy photo.)
In the above photo, Huma Global Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Fred Nichols (at right), along with Huma Regional Agronomist Barrett Smith (center), meet with a farmer (pictured at left) to discuss the plant health of his row and specialty crops. (Courtesy photo.)
A volunteer explains one of the stations during the 2023 Rangeland and Soils Days contest. The 2024 event is June 12-13, 2024, in Watertown. (SDSU Extension photo)
Wildfire. (Chad Boyd (D4935-1)).
Kane Family Photo (Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)