About Us

Our story begins with a small, relatively unknown company that has grown into one of the most successful agriculture publishers of today.

In 1949 The Dodge City Journal was given a new identity when it was designated a farm publication rather than a community weekly. The historic publication was renamed High Plains Journal, and it grew from a need of local and regional agriculture news on a more frequent basis. As the popularity of High Plains Journal grew, farmers and ranchers outside of Kansas expressed interest in the regional publication—and the expansion began.

In 1990, High Plains Journal had subscribers from North Dakota to Texas and included Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Western Missouri. In 2004 expansion included Iowa and Eastern Missouri, and Midwest Ag Journal became an edition of High Plains Journal.

Each week High Plains Journal covers 12 states in the core of production agriculture, reaching over 42,000 subscribers that include elite and influential producers managing diversified operations.

In 2018, St. Louis-based Waterways Journal, which serves commerce along the U.S. inland and intracoastal waterways, purchased High Plains Journal. Waterways Journal has been a family-owned business since 1887.

The Journal has 96 percent readership, which proves our dedication to excellence in agriculture reporting, advertising and publishing is successful. Five full-time employees used to keep the publication running, and now 45 employees are proud to work for an industry leader. Many employees of High Plains Journal are leading figures in the rural communities they serve and call home.

High Plains Journal also embraces new media with a digital edition and a timely HPJ Direct e-newsletter on specialized topics regarding crops, soil health and livestock. Each week, HPJ Talk provides a 30-minute podcast about what’s going on at the Journal, special interviews and upcoming projects. In addition, High Plains Journal offers expertise to bring readers original content while providing advertisers with unique branding opportunities through special projects.

The Journal has a rich history of award-winning editorial, up-to-date industry news, markets and weather. It’s no wonder High Plains Journal has been trusted by farm families for generations.