Ag Spray Equipment a leader in liquid transfer and transportation

Ag Spray Equipment

Ag Spray Equipment in Newton, Kansas, maintains its prominent position as an industry frontrunner in liquid transportation and transfer.

Offering nurse trailers ranging from 500 to 2,000 gallons, Ag Spray Equipment caters to operations of various sizes. The company’s expertise extends to the customization of liquid transfer setups for semi-trailers, accommodating capacities of up to 7,000 gallons. Ag Spray Equipment stands at the forefront in the realm of tender trailers and associated parts.

Ryan Williams, the location manager of Ag Spray Equipment in Newton, emphasized the unique capability to assist anyone involved in the industry stating, “We have the distinctive ability to support individuals in the liquid transportation business.”

Ag Spray Equipment’s Department of Transportation certified trailers not only meet but exceed all national requirements. Equipped with lights, electric brakes, and a 2 5/16-inch adjustable ball clevis, each DOT trailer adheres to rigorous national standards.

The trailers feature a robust five-year frame warranty, constructed from heavy-duty channel iron frames. Moreover, all tanks on Ag Spray Equipment’s trailers come with a non-prorated warranty, ensuring durability and reliability.

Ag Spray Equipment also draws from its nine strategically placed locations throughout the United States to ensure customers they can be taken care of quickly. With a full lineup of parts from top vendors in the country, Ag Spray Equipment is stocked and ready to take on parts orders in person or online at

As a key player in liquid application and fluid handling equipment, Ag Spray Equipment manufactures a diverse range of sprayers, liquid fertilizer applicators, nurse tenders, and storage trailers. Established in 1966 and still family-owned, Ag Spray Equipment has expanded its presence with nine strategically located facilities across the United States.