Mixed pansies in garden (Photo: iStock - AnjoKanFotografie)
Flowering white lilies (Photo: iStock - Elen11)

K-State expert shares tips to keep Easter lilies blooming

Home lawn choked with dandelions

Managing a weed invasion in the home lawn

  • By Maddy Rohr │ Kansas State University Research and Extension
Hostas, the stars of shady landscapes, earned the National Garden Bureau’s nod as Perennial of the Year for 2024. (Photo by David Trinklein.)

Hosta steps out of the shadows in 2024

  • By Linda Geist │ University of Missouri Extension
Digging in garden beds. Weeding weeds in the garden. (Photo: iStock - Anna Solovei)

Spring gardening checklist

Onions (Photo: Cindy Haynes)

Yard and Garden: planting and growing onions

  • By Aaron J. Steil │ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
To revive a compost pile or bin like the ones pictured, begin by assessing a starting point, turning the pile, managing inputs, and setting reminders to put this process on repeat. (Photos: Gemini Bhalsod, Illinois Extension)
Morel Mushrooms found in wooded area. Morels are type of spring wild mushroom with meaty texture with nutty flavor. (Photo: iStock - Sergey-AND-Marina)