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Turf Wars: tips to maintain lawn goals

K-State horticulture expert Cynthia Domenghini shares tips for spring lawn maintenance. Some plants often disregarded as pesky weeds have value for wildlife. Read More

Poison oak looks similar to poison ivy, but the teeth along the edges of the leaflets are more rounded, leaves often are not as shiny, and the form is more shrub-like (photo by John Byrd, bugwood.org).

Common poisonous plants to avoid this spring

Screenshot of the new Yard and Garden website (Photo: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

New yard and garden website offers timely info and answers

  • By Aaron J. Steil │ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Close up of gardener planting tree, digging with spade. (Photo: iStock - Halyna Bobyk)
Lawn closeup (K-State Research and Extension)

Lawn maintenance should start now

  • By Maddy Rohr │ Kansas State University Research and Extension
National Gardening Month is a great time for novices to try their hand at gardening or for experts to branch out. (Michael Miller/Texas A&M AgriLife)
Installing weed control fabric material and bark mulch in a residential garden to control weed spreading (Photo: iStock - brebca)

Colored plastic mulches may provide boost to garden crops

Monarch butterfly. (Photo courtesy of Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund.)

Gardening for butterflies

Mixed pansies in garden (Photo: iStock - AnjoKanFotografie)