Rawhide Portable Corral receives patent on axle system

Rawhide Portable Corral. (Courtesy photo.)

Twenty-two years ago John McDonald designed the first ever portable wheel corral with hydraulic components and multiple pens.

That design was used for many years until imitation corrals hit the market. In 2009, McDonald introduced the popular Rawhide Processor.

Since then, Rawhide has had an additional corral hit the market that is the largest corral ever built, the Rancho Deluxe. 

Smoother ride

After years of research and development, Rawhide Portable Corral now holds a patented “Portable Corral Suspension” that will make the ride smoother for corral owners through those rough pastures.

“Customers have wanted larger and larger corrals over the years,” said John McDonald, owner and inventor of the Rawhide Portable Corral based in Abilene, Kansas. “So with this new patented system we can make the added weight easier on both the corral and your pickup.”

Debut at NCBA

The first ever Rawhide Portable Corral with this new suspension system was unveiled on Jan. 31, in Orlando, Florida, at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention.

Always staying one step ahead of the competition, Rawhide will continue to work on improvements to their corrals.

For more information about Rawhide Portable Corral’s systems and to view product videos visit the Rawhide website at  www.rawhideportablecorral.com  or call 785-263-3436.