Cold Back

He quivers when you catch him.

The white of his eye, he shows.

He ain’t nobody’s kid horse.

he’s got rollers in his nose.

You wouldn’t think of steppin’ up

until he’s been untracked.

he needs a lttle leadin’,

He’s always been cold backed.

Put his head up in the corner.

Keep the left rein short.

Slip on him kinda easy.

Don’t worry about the snort.

Put him in a circle

’till the saddle settle down.

you wouldn’t land too easy

on this frozen ground.

The saddle’s settin’ level.

Can’t warm ’im up all day.

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Time to go to the pasture

and start to earn your pay.

Sit up and ride; watch his ears—

too soon, yet, to relax.

You better keep your guard up

’till you’ve made a few miles of tracks.

Didn’t take all these precautions

back when you were a pup.

Almost got the edge off,

if a pheasant don’t fly up.

He’s always been a good ’un.

Got loads of speed and power.

You know you’ll be well mounted

—in about another hour.

Editor’s note: Joe Kreger writes from his home in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. His CDs are available from the Journal by calling 1-800-954-5263. For personal appearance information, call 1-816-550-6549.