Not Forgotten Outreach buys 28 acres for veterans’ farm and community park in Taos

A well-known pasture near the center of Taos will now become an active farm and public park.

The 28-acre property, known locally as the “Mitchell Pasture” or “Corral No. 5,” has been purchased by Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. a Taos-based nonprofit that promotes farming as therapy for military veterans and their families.

The property is located just across from Cid’s Food Market. The purchase was made possible by a grant from the LOR Foundation.

Not Forgotten has led the country in promoting the therapeutic benefits of farming for veterans who find it challenging to reintegrate into civilian life. The organization hopes that expanding these efforts at the Mitchell Property will create a new wave of young, able farmers in Taos County. Not Forgotten intends to develop year-round gardens for a farm-to-school program where veterans and their families will grow food for local school cafeterias. A public walking trail will also be developed along the perimeter of the pasture so the community can stroll through the gardens, enjoy the open space and interact with the farmers working there.

“Veterans do especially well when they’re accomplishing a mission,” said Kym Sanchez, president of Not Forgotten Outreach. “They want to have a sense of purpose and there’s no better mission than feeding their community. This property will allow us to accomplish that mission in a big way.”

Not Forgotten also intends to restore two acequias (ancient irrigation ditches) that serve the property in order to keep the land productive and showcase the cultural and ecological benefits of traditional irrigation in the heart of Taos.

“This is the best thing that could ever happen to this property,” said Francis Cordova, a veteran, community volunteer and lifelong resident of nearby El Prado. “We’ve always been praying that it doesn’t become commercialized, and continuing to farm this land will help preserve our culture.”

Not Forgotten Outreach intends to permanently protect most of the property from major development through a conservation easement with the Taos Land Trust. One corner of the field will become a veterans memorial park powered by an on-site solar array, and another 2.4-acre area is slated for an affordable housing development for veterans and their families.

“The Mitchell Property is iconic, with incredible water resources, fertile land and expansive views that Taoseños love,” said Kristina Ortez de Jones, executive director of the Taos Land Trust. Ortez added that the land has long been identified by the community as a top conservation priority.

Jake Caldwell with the LOR Foundation said the acquisition of the property by Not Forgotten Outreach protects valuable agricultural land by keeping it productive while ensuring the public can access and enjoy the open space.

“LOR is all about maintaining the economic viability of traditional working lands while protecting natural resources,” Caldwell said. “Taos residents want to see that lush pasture preserved and Not Forgotten Outreach will use that land to improve quality of life for veterans and the community.”

To support its work at the new property in perpetuity, Not Forgotten is mounting a fundraising campaign to build a $2.5 million endowment fund at the Taos Community Foundation. “Taos Community Foundation is proud to work closely with Not Forgotten Outreach on this initiative to assure the beauty and openness of this beautiful part of Taos,” said community foundation director Lisa O’Brien.

The purchase of the Mitchell Property adds to Not Forgotten’s existing services, which include a respite center for military families, as well as a separate veterans wellness center that offers yoga, acupuncture and other healing services.

For more information about Not Forgotten Outreach or to learn how to get involved with the farming project visit or email [email protected].

To donate to the endowment, call the Taos Community Foundation at 575-737-9300. To learn more about the LOR Foundation, visit