Partnership designed to help livestock sector

TruTag Technologies, Inc., a product authentication and brand security solutions based in Emeryville, California, announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership with Hongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd, the leading animal health management and farm management solution provider in the livestock sector in China.

The partnership will seek to implement TruTag’s innovative security platform across Hongyang’s growing livestock portfolio of 1,500 farms throughout China. The cooperation will initially target the pig industry with the potential to expand into other livestock categories. Areas of specific focus will include the direct marking and authentication of livestock and meat packaging.

TruTag and Hongyang will address the most serious threats to supply chain security today—counterfeiting and diversion. Coupling TruTag’s product security platform with Hongyang’s extensive livestock portfolio will offer an opportunity to safeguard the pig supply chain. With advanced security technology and comprehensive business intelligence features, the solution will allow stakeholders to regulate their supply chains—identify suspect and illegitimate products, take corrective actions, secure enhanced enforcement and most importantly protect consumer’s lives.

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