More legislation of interest to agriculture introduced

The Kansas legislative session continues to be relatively quiet with very little action in the House or Senate. There was, however, activity in numerous committees where several bills of interest to agriculture were introduced.

HB 2510 was introduced in the House Ag Committee and would modify a state statute dealing with recreational trails established under the federal rails-to-trails program.

Also introduced in this committee was HB 2553, which would increase the county population maximum for the Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas scholarship program.

HB 2413, presented in the House Water and Environment Committee, would create a surface water protection fee fund for the benefit of surface water users.

HB 2519, introduced in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, would exempt Kansas from daylight savings time.

SB 301 was referred to the Senate Ag and Natural Resources Committee and would require hunting guides and outfitters to register with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

Also introduced in this committee was SB 320, which would amend the current Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas scholarship program to allow the dean of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine to offer no less than five, but up to 20, scholarships as funding allows. An identical bill (HB 2252) was introduced in the House Ag Committee.

SB 303, presented in the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee, would restore the ability of small businesses to expense capital investments rather than using a depreciation schedule that existed prior to the tax cuts of 2012.

KLA staff will continue to monitor these bills and others pertaining to agriculture. If members have input on any bills introduced, contact the KLA legislative affairs staff at 785-273-5115.