We have the meats

With a shout-out to beef producers for providing such a great product to sell, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor told attendees to the 25th annual Cattlemen’s College about how much respect the restaurant chain has for what beef producers do.

“Our businesses aren’t that much different. We have to deal with higher input costs, legislation and weather issues to make sure we are both successful,” said Taylor during a session held in conjunction with the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

“America consumers have never been more hungry for beef. I think we should start More Meat Monday to help showcase this great product,” he said.

Arby’s sold 130 million pounds of beef in 2017, with a continual growing volume of 25 percent over the past five years. Taylor said they have never wanted to be something they aren’t. Arby’s knows their prices are a little higher than most quick serve restaurants, but they strive to provide superior food and superior service.

“Our motto is ‘Inspiring smiles through delicious experiences.’ This is what we want people to remember when they come to Arby’s and this is why we want them to come back,” Taylor said.

There are two sides to marketing. Taylor said there is what you promise your guests and what you deliver your guests. If the two are the same, then the marketing is successful and the customer will remember.

By launching two new products each month, Arby’s hopes to keep customers coming in and keep them wondering about what will be next. Currently, Arby’s serves four different cuts of beef and serves them in different ways. These products are also bringing younger consumers in because it provides customers with sandwiches they wouldn’t normally be able to get at a drive-through.

“We have to remember to take smart risks when it comes to the beef we serve. Risks that will help us and beef producers,” Taylor said.