Double O Ranch releases CowboySmart

El Dorado, Kansas-based Double O Ranch, LLC, a Midwest-based ranch partnership, recently released CowboySmart to the United States ranch and feedyard industry. CowboySmart is designed for cattle feeders only. The ideal user would be a ranch that includes a feedyard. The software is easy to use, intuitive and designed to support the core functionality of a ranch or feedyard. It was created to organize all aspects of cattle production including feeds and medication. CowboySmart allows ranchers to feed, medicate, receive and ship as well as issue RFQs/POs to vendors in the system, receive and record goods, manage inventory and inventory cost, report and invoice. It is designed to connect the cowboy in the feedlot to all of his suppliers with a touch of a button. CowboySmart performs all the management functions needed by a ranch manager while being easy to set up, learn and use. It can make the cowboy more efficient in his daily work and his feeding operation more profitable. For more information, see our CowboySmart video on YouTube or visit to request more information.