Row crop applicator, tractor receive awards

The Challenger RoGator C series row crop applicator with exclusive LiquidLogic system and the Challenger 700 series track tractor, both of AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia, were recognized for their innovation by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

The technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator C series row crop applicator with the LiquidLogic application system delivers innovations needed to meet the complex application processes of today’s professional applicators and farmers. The LiquidLogic system gives operators effective cleanout, precise rates, greater control for on-target application and less product waste.

Continuous product recirculation, the CleanFlow air pressure recovery and cleanout system and self-priming booms are key features that improve accuracy plus save time and money. The system also has a “hold at minimum” pressure setting and can maintain a +/-1 PSI variation across the boom for a consistent spray pattern and to keep product on target at low speed.

Designed to meet the needs of results-oriented agribusinesses, the MT700 Series track tractors by Challenger deliver a new level of track tractor performance, ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximize uptime, productivity and profitability. The tractor was designed using the AccuEngineering platform and features new styling, as well as a new engine, transmission, undercarriage and hydraulics. A redesign of the industry’s leading MobilTrac track system provides ride comfort unparalleled by other track machines. The series has three models from 380 to 431 HP, powered by AGCO Power 9.8L diesel engines equipped with concentric air systems. All systems, including the hydraulics and PTO are designed to run at lower engine rpm, to lower fuel costs and reduce engine wear.

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