Ranching for Profitability presentations available online

Nebraska Extension hosts the Ranching for Profitability series annually in January, focusing on timely topics relevant to cattle producers. The following presentations made at the 2018 Ranching for Profitability meeting series are now available as webinars at beef.unl.edu.

Mitch Stephenson’s presentation “Weed Control on Range and Pasture” discusses common weeds that invade pasture and rangelands in Nebraska and is available at https://beef.unl.edu/weed-control-range-and-pasture.

Jerry Volesky’s presentation “Irrigated Forages” discusses both annual and perennial forages under irrigation and management strategies to utilize these forages in cattle production systems and is available at https://beef.unl.edu/irrigated-forages.

Travis Mulliniks presentation “Nutritional Management to Prepare for the Breeding Season” discusses how nutrition prior to calving and from calving through breeding impacts pregnancy rates in cows and is available at https://beef.unl.edu/nutritional-management-prepare-breeding-season.