Inter-State Fair’s livestock shows make changes to benefit youth

Changes are coming for the livestock shows at the Inter-State Fair in Coffeyville.

The schedule is being modified and other aspects of the shows will change as well, all to benefit the youth.

The check-ins, weigh-ins and shows have been pushed up a day, and the main reason is for the kids who had to choose between being at the livestock sale in Coffeyville or going to other shows, including the Kansas 4-H Sweepstakes event, which was held last year the same day as the sale at the Inter-State Fair.

“Last year we had fifteen to eighteen youth who placed high at the Inter-State Fair, and those kids missed our sale to be at the Sweepstakes,” said Lori Rexwinkle, superintendent of the Inter-State Fair’s livestock shows.

Goat, lamb and swine check-in will be on August 13; beef, rabbit and poultry check-in will be on August 14. On August 14, the shows will include the swine, junior heifer and prospect steer contests. On August 15, the 4-H and FFA fitting contest will be held, as well as the rabbit, sheep, poultry and goat shows. On August 16, the beef show and buddy barrow show will take place. Livestock events wrap up on August 17, with the junior market livestock sale at 4:30 p.m. All animals will be dismissed on August 18, which is a benefit to show attendees, Rexwinkle said, giving them time to get home with their animal and have Sunday to rest from the fair and be ready for school.

Another change for this year’s fair is that livestock nomination entries will not go to Coffeyville Feed. They will be returned to the Coffeyville Chamber of Commerce. Nominations can be mailed in or returned in person but must be completely filled out.

Health papers have also changed for this year’s fair. Every family must have their own health papers. For swine, health papers must be turned in before the animal is unloaded. For the other species, health papers will be requested upon weigh-in.

Each family must have its animal’s Inter-State Fair tag as official identification, and the tag must be listed on the animal’s health papers. This will be enforced this year, Rexwinkle said. Sticking to the rules makes for a better opportunity for the kids, she said. “We want to have a better fair.”

One other change is in the works for the 2018 Inter-State Fair. Showmanship for beef, goats, lambs and swine will be judged during the show, with a callback for the top individuals in the junior and senior divisions. Prizes will be awarded for the top five in each division.

The changes are for the better, Rexwinkle said, and “make sense from a youth perspective.” The changes will make for good shows. “They’re going to be fantastic.”

Rexwinkle is in her second year as livestock show chairman. She showed livestock at the Inter-State Fair and loves the lessons animals teach kids. “They learn accountability and responsibility, but it’s more than the showing. They gain leadership by doing it.” Her dad, Lloyd Burdick, was on the livestock committee for many years.

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