Ag Youth Council connects city kids to life on the farm

The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council recently introduced elementary-school students in the city to life on the farm. The NAYC’s annual Urban Youth Farm Tour connected students from Lincoln with nearby farmers and ranchers so the children could experience agriculture up close and learn how food is produced. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture sponsors the NAYC.

The NAYC members joined nearly 250 students and their teachers from elementary schools in Lincoln as they visited operating beef, dairy and grain farms near Wahoo. The Nebraska Corn Board sponsored transportation costs for the students to attend the tour.

“These tours are really important because they help children learn about agriculture, Nebraska’s number one industry,” said NDA Director Steve Wellman. “The tours also give the NAYC members a chance to teach young students not only about farm animals and where food comes from, but also the responsibility of caring for animals.”

The NAYC consists of 21 college-age men and women who have been selected by NDA based on their enthusiasm, interest and leadership in agriculture. The NAYC is celebrating 47 years of promoting agriculture to Nebraska youth, from preschoolers to high school students.

“The Urban Youth Farm Tour is always a fun event,” said Wellman. “I’d like to personally thank the farmers and ranchers in the Wahoo area who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to host these tours and share the story of Nebraska agriculture.”