Letter helps tell the story

This column includes a letter written by Flint Farris from Taloga, Oklahoma. He is one of many farmers and ranchers and also firefighters who are caught in the middle of this fire.

This last week seems like one really long day. I’ve seen and experienced things that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve seen more fire and burnt pastures and houses and fences and dead cattle than any one man should ever be a part of.

My wife and kids have lived through a time I pray they never see again. In 16 years on the fire department I’ve never seen a monster as mean as this one. We worked as hard as we could to save as many houses as we could yet we got beat numerous times and for that I am so sorry.

I’ve watched friends and neighbors lose what they’ve worked a lifetime to put together and my heart hurts for them.

As bad as all this is I am also grateful and humbled. I have never seen more good in all my life. I won’t attempt to name any names because I don’t want to miss anyone. I think I’ve had more phone calls in the last week than the last year. People have brought hay, feed, water, trucks and trailers to move cattle, meals, posts, wire, generators, tanks, cattle medicine, supplied us pasture and helped move cattle to it.

I’ve tried to pay so many and no one will take a dime. I’m thankful to all the fire departments and equipment operators that helped stop the fire.

Thank you to linemen who have worked day and night to restore power in a few days that should have taken a month. To everyone who has helped and donated thank you so much. In a time that we have lost so much I have never felt wealthier.

We live in hands down the greatest place on earth among the best people. God is good!

—Flint Farris, Taloga, Oklahoma

Rain is a blessing

I am so thankful most all our area got rain last week with most areas from half an inch to an inch with some more and a few less than that. But we are also supposed to get more on Tuesday (April 24) and Wednesday (April 25) and it is very much needed for this drought and burned out area.

One friend of mine who is getting a divorce said his wife was definitely a good housekeeper because she not only kept the house but everything in it.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.