‘Managing in Tough Times’ program offered May 15-16 in Wheeler

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will bring “Ranching 2018: Managing in Tough Times” to the Ag and Family Research Center, 7939 U.S. Highway 83 in Wheeler, on May 15 to 16.

“We are excited to host a great slate of guest speakers, along with our own local experts, to discuss with area ranchers some management practices that will help them grow and prosper in these changing times,” said Thomas Cunningham, AgriLife Extension agriculture and natural resources agent for Wheeler County.

The program will be conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Due to generous funding from the Tecovas Foundation, registration is only $100 per person, including lunch both days,” Cunningham said.

But a special is also being offered for Texas Panhandle residents, he said.

“If you live in the Texas Panhandle region, register for only $50,” Cunningham said.

Online registration closes May 13. To register, go to https://holisticmanagement.org/ranching2018/.

Mob grazing, ranching and beef marketing experts on the program include Ian Mitchell-Innes, a rancher in South Africa; Emry Birdwell and Deborah Clark, stocker operators on the Birdwell and Clark Ranch in Clay County; Dr. Tim Steffens, AgriLife Extension range specialist in Canyon; Wally Olson, Kelley Ranch in Vinita, Oklahoma; Mike Turner, McCloy Family Land LLC/ Blue Ranch Division; and Joe VanZandt, former AgriLife Extension agent and area rancher.

Topics will include:

– How to maintain and improve animal performance.
– Reducing costly inputs and improving profitability.
– Grow more and better grass to capture more energy.
– Capture rainfall more effectively and reduce the effects of drought.
– Marketing principles that give you an unfair advantage.
– Sell-Buy marketing to limit dependence on cattle prices.

For more information or if online registration is not possible, contact Cunningham at  [email protected]  or 806-826-5243.