Kansas leads nation in cattle transportation certifications

The checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance program launched a new training and certification initiative last fall for cattle transportation. Known as Beef Quality Assurance Transportation, it provides cattle producers and haulers comprehensive training based on their roles in the cattle community.

Numerous transporters already have become BQAT-certified. In fact, of the 700 BQAT certifications across the country, Kansas leads the nation, followed by Texas, Colorado, Iowa and Pennsylvania. In addition to hosting a few online training webinars, the beef checkoff in Kansas hosted an in-person training for truckers from one of the state’s largest packing plants earlier this month.

Transportation quality assurance plays a critical role in the health and welfare of cattle. Proper handling and transport of cattle can reduce sickness in calves, prevent bruises and improve the quality of meat for consumers.

Online and in-person training for BQAT is offered in two different modules, one for the farmer/rancher and one for professionals. Farmer/rancher modules focus on the use of stock trailers and smaller loads of cattle that beef and dairy cattle producers typically might haul themselves. The professional modules focus on the use of tractor-trailers and larger loads hauled longer distances.

Producers or professional drivers who would like to learn more or become BQAT certified can visit https://www.bqa.org/programs/bqa-transportation.