Colorado Egg director voted into leadership with Colorado Ag Council

Colorado Egg Producer Association Executive Director Bill Scebbi was recently voted to serve as the vice chairman of the Colorado Agriculture Council—a collaboration of statewide agriculture organizations that represent and serve Colorado agriculture producers.

The Ag Council meets regularly while the Colorado General Assembly and acts as a forum for discussion and review of issues important and being considered by its member organizations.

In addition to acting as a forum, the Ag Council also is active in the community including sponsorship of the Colorado Ag Water Alliance, the organization and execution of National Agriculture Week activities at the State Capitol and providing annual financial and in-kind donations to area food banks and their agencies.

CEP has long been a participant in Colorado Ag Council activities. Developing relationships with state lawmakers—so that they understand the egg industry and the priorities of our state’s producers—is one of CEP’s top objectives, as is being a partner in Colorado’s community.