As luck would have it

Earlier this week I got a text from my husband and later a phone call. I didn’t have my phone on me when they came, but got back to him as quick as I could. Someone had come to pickup their horse from our house and one of our mares was lying down and not wanting to get up.

She’d looked fine when I left for work at 7:30, so I wasn’t too worried. I got to a stopping point where I could leave the office and head home. Kate, the horse in question, was standing at the bale eating hay when I got to the house. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing all might be well, but I went in the house and changed shoes to get my hands on her any way. As I was coming out of the house I noticed the cattle across the way were pretty close to the fence line.

I thought, while I’m here, I need some photos to go with an upcoming cover story, so I went back for my camera. The mare was still up eating so I made my way to the fence and snapped a few shots. Then a few more, and more down the fence line. At the horse pen I noticed the gate wasn’t chained. Hmm..

Finally got the mare caught (she run away from the halter) so I knew she was definitely fine. I listened for gut sounds, and she had many. At this point I’d noticed the cattle across the fence had made their way closer, and I went out for more photos. Satisfied, I finally got the shots I was wanting and headed back to the house to retrieve my work shoes.

As I headed back to the office, I was thankful for that message from my husband to check on the horse. Otherwise those mares might have found out the gate hadn’t been chained and could have ended up who knows where. And I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to get some cattle photos like I needed. Two birds one stone.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my day.