Nebraska LEAD announces new group members

Nebraska Leadership Education/Action Development Group 38 participants have been announced by the program’s director, Terry Hejny.

The newest members of Nebraska’s premier two-year agricultural leadership development program are involved in production agriculture and/or agribusiness in Nebraska.

“It certainly appears that class 38 is filled with outstanding individuals from throughout our state, and I am excited to get started with them,” Hejny said. “Our task will be to prepare and motivate them for future leadership roles in their community, our state and beyond.”

LEAD Fellows will participate in monthly three-day seminars across Nebraska, a 10-day national study and travel seminar and a two-week international study and travel seminar. The goal of the program is to develop problem solvers, decision makers and spokespersons for agriculture and Nebraska.

Seminar themes include leadership assessment and potential; natural resources and energy; leadership through communication; agricultural policy; international trade and finance; Nebraska’s political process; global perspectives; nuclear energy; social and cultural issues; understanding and developing leadership skills; agribusiness and marketing; information technology; advances in health care; the resources and people of Nebraska’s Panhandle, and other areas designed to develop leaders through exposure to a broad array of current topics and issues and how they interrelate.

The Nebraska LEAD program is operated by the nonprofit Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council in cooperation with the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and 12 other institutions of higher education throughout Nebraska.

Nebraska LEAD Fellows include, in no particular order: Rebecca Schwarz; Jack Lindstrom; Troy Mack; Heather Ramsey; Michael Dibbern; Logan Williams; Kyle McCarthy; Shane Greving; Katie Kaliff-Jagels; Jennifer Penny; Evan Weborg; Sarah Sivits; Lori Cox; Dennis Hoppe; Anthony Marquardt; Veronica Waddell; Lindsay Forepaugh; Noah Blomendahl; Cale Buhr; Doran Johnson; Boone McAfee; Jordan Rasmussen; Aaron Weismann; Tony Schrotberger; Ryan Sandoz; Scott Schmalken; Rene Blauhorn; Judy Trent; and Paula Peterson.