National award given to Kansas Brangus breeders

The Georganne Myers National Supporter of the Year Award is given annually to individuals who go above and beyond in their support of the Internation Junior Brangus Breeders Association. This award, given in memory of Georganne Myers, is a representation of the passion and devotion that is still very evident in the people involved in the Brangus breed. Georganne raised two daughters who both were actively involved in the Brangus breed, Rachel Myers Childs and Britne Myers. She lived in Liberty, Texas, and passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

A deserving recipient is selected annually by a committee based on the tremendous support shown for the junior members involved in the Brangus breed and contributions made to ensure the success of the IJBBA. The 2018 Georganne Myers National Supporter of the Year Award was presented at the recent IJBBA Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the National Junior Brangus Show in Hutchinson, Kansas, to Mark and Brenda Brull of Atchison, Kansas. Past recipient of the award and IJBBA director of youth activities, Tyler Dean, made the presentation.

The Brull family started their NJBS participation like many others—attending an NJBS that was close to them. In 1999, NJBS went to Enid, Oklahoma, where they had family, so it was a logical choice to make the short 4-hour drive to attend. From that show, they were hooked and became the ideal image of what the Brangus Family is all about. As NJBS moved and settled into West Monroe, Louisiana, they continued coming to NJBS even with the guaranteed 10-hour drive every year.

While they did not always take home banners and buckles, Mark and Brenda truly believed that there was a lot more to attending NJBS. They always had a great time, enjoying old friends and welcoming new ones. IJBBA advisor and past award winner, Ginger Pritchard states, “Brenda has a talent for recognizing that kid that needs a hug or a word of encouragement and just fulfilling that need. The entire Brull family is so positive with a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude!”

Over the years, they became more and more involved and in 2008, their son, Alex, was elected to serve on the IJBBA Board of Directors. Mark and Brenda were always the first to volunteer and never missed anything they could help with. Whether that was financial support through a sponsorship or volunteering to sit at a table during Skill-A-Thon, the entire IJBBA Board of Directors could consistently count on them for assistance. Their support and volunteering did not slow in the few years that neither of their children was on the IJBBA Board and if anything, it grew when Kendra was seated on the board in Bryan, Texas, in 2014.

Brenda took over the Taste of States coordinator position several years ago and successfully oversees that from start to completion every year. Mark is always packing a tool box to fix something for the board or make sure the backdrop gets setup just right for pictures. They simply volunteer for any and everything, and when NJBS was looking to come to the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kansas, the Brulls were the first to volunteer.

Not only did Mark and Brenda volunteer, they enlisted an army of family and friends to help as well. They planned events at NJBS, packed multiple carloads of supplies, brought their army to make things happen and executed events that NJBS has never had before. They were always headed to the next project or event to make NJBS happen for everyone coming to Kansas.

Ginger Pritchard sums up the Brull family by stating, “I am grateful that they are working on the side of our Brangus juniors because just trying to keep up with any member of the Brull family is exhausting!”

During the presentation of this award, Tyler Dean remarked, “Little did I know 19 years ago in Enid, Oklahoma, that being paired up with an NJBS newbie named Alex, would have such a profound impact on me. Mark and Brenda have been there for me anytime I have needed anything and I am so honored to be able to recognize their impact on this association.”

With their first NJBS in 1999, the Brulls will celebrate 19 years of coming to NJBS with their children. However, even with Alex aged out of the junior program and Kendra nearing that point, the Brull family is still expected to be at NJBS for years to come with their niece and nephew, Bethany and Henry Urban. Mark and Brenda have been a staple of NJBS for nearly two decades and the IJBBA is excited to honor their unwavering support and dedication to the youth of the Brangus breed.

To the Brulls this award means the world. “We are very proud to say we were able to raise our kids in a Brangus barns all across the country. We have feel that the junior association is our family and we have some many great friends in so many states. Thank you for letting us be part of this great Brangus family.”