New line of corn herbicides released

HELM Agro US, Inc., Tampa, Florida, has received Environmental Protection Agency registration for FEARLESS and FEARLESS XTRA herbicides, two acetochlor-based weed control tools for corn. 

“FEARLESS and FEARLESS XTRA deliver powerful pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-emergence weed control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds, plus yellow nutsedge,” said Jan Stechmann, president of HELM Agro US. “Both proven formulations work seamlessly in today’s crop protection programs to aid corn growers with extended flexibility that accommodate shifting conditions and weather—for the end goal of maximizing yields.” 

FEARLESS and FEARLESS XTRA may be applied at early pre-plant (up to 45 days ahead of planting), pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence. A burndown herbicide should be tank mixed with both HELM brands if weeds have emerged prior to a non-incorporated application. 

For even greater flexibility, FEARLESS products can be used with post-emergent herbicides for residual weed control in corn up to 11 inches tall.

Label approved for field corn, production seed corn, silage corn and popcorn, both products are well-suited for conventional, reduced-till and no-till production systems.

With two formulations to choose from, HELM’s FEARLESS lineup offers corn growers flexible options to control grass and broadleaf weeds including foxtails, lambsquarters, pigweed, ragweed and waterhemp. 

FEARLESS is an atrazine-free acetochlor formulation that features a top quality safener to protect corn and give growers the option to apply at higher rates when targeting challenging broadleaf weeds. The product is classified as a Group 15 herbicide containing 7 pounds of acetochlor plus safener per gallon. 

FEARLESS XTRA is an atrazine plus acetochlor premix formulation delivering superior cost-effective pre-emergence weed control. FEARLESS XTRA contains Group 15 and Group 5 herbicides with 4.3 pounds of acetochlor and 1.7 pounds of atrazine per gallon of active ingredients.

In liquid emulsifiable concentrate formulations, FEARLESS and FEARLESS XTRA offer easy mixing with water and fluid fertilizers.

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