Too much rain an issue for some producers

One man’s blessing is another man’s curse. While most of us are very thankful for the rain there are a few areas that need it to dry up.

Most of the ones that need it to quit raining are trying to finish planting their wheat.

It’s the fall and trying to keep a calf healthy is a big concern. Most feedlots want a calf to be weaned at least 60 days and, if the feedlots are extremely muddy, 70 days or more would be good. On a calf some are satisfied with 45 days while others want 60 and certain shots if they are going to give the big money.

This time of year two weeks weaning might not help at all, in fact, sometimes they are just ready to break and get sick. Often a rancher can’t understand that short weaning and with them thinking a two-week calf should not get sick. And every deal is different. You might get by great on the first three sets but the fourth one might knock your head off with sickness and dead calves.

I don’t want to be negative but the truth is the truth.

The other day in our small town where I often eat breakfast, as I went to the restroom I noticed the light switch was on the outside of the restroom. So I couldn’t wait for one guy in particular—well, I will call him Frank—and mostly cause that is his name, to go into the restroom.

So a few mornings later he had the urge so I gave him just enough time I was sure he was on the pot. So I ran to the door and turned the light off. Just as I expected there were very loud words of profanity coming from Frank and ended with “darn you Nine.”

Another little fun joke for a very deserving ornery rancher was as he and his hired man walked by my pickup toward the cafe. I noticed he had a trailer hooked on behind his pickup. So after he got inside I went back and jacked up his trailer so when he drove off—woops, no trailer behind. He is ornery. He deserved it.

So I couldn’t say much when the other day eating pizza I thought I would sprinkle a few hot pepper seeds on my pizza. But I figure a kid had screwed the lid just enough that I got a cup instead of a few.

When someone says have a nice day that sounds friendly but saying enjoy your next 24 hours sounds threatening.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.