Apache Sprayers unveils 2019 lineup

Efficiency, durability, precision and productivity have never been more important for agricultural sprayer owners and operators. With the unveiling of the 2019 model year lineup, Apache Sprayers, Mooresville, Indiana, do even more to meet these critical and growing needs for farmers and custom applicators. The 2019 lineup features new components that improve machine durability, longevity, operator convenience and comfort, all while keeping the sprayers up to 33 percent lighter than competing sprayers. The improvements offered in the 2019 model year of Apache Sprayers include a one-piece hood design making it more durable even in rough field conditions. Another feature is an added cross member under the product tank that improves load distribution and balance. Flexibility was added through higher capacity and splined kingpins with the optional adjustable axle. New Apache Sprayers are available with the adjustable axle or a standard fixed axle. As part of the 2019 package, the cutting-edge precision of the Raven Advanced RS1 Steering System offers the most accurate high-speed steering system in the sprayer industry. On top of next-level steering accuracy, the RS1 system adds features like advanced steering electronics and the Viper 4+ advanced field computer for product application and boom control. For more information, see a dealer or visit www.apachesprayers.com.