Red Barn Enterprises offers 360 YIELD SAVER

Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains that result in corn kernels falling right through. 360 YIELD SAVER eliminates those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains to capture significantly more kernels. Side-by-side tests show 360 YIELD SAVER reduces header loss by over 80 percent. 360 YIELD SAVER can pay for itself within the first season and generate more than a 75 percent return on investment after three years. Field test show that 360 YIELD SAVER typically captures an additional 1.8 bushels per acre. When considering the return on investment for a typical corn operation an eight-row head covering 1,200 acres per year, a grower could expect gross yield savings of over $22,000 and a net profit of over $12,000. Producers no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header loss. Producers can optimize head and feeder house speed to ground speed and crop flow. Available for John Deere 600 and 40/90 corn heads, CaseIH 1000 through 5000 corn heads, Gehringhoff Northstar and Drago series I and series II corn heads. 360 Yield Saver can be purchased through Red Barn Enterprises, Inc., Leoti, Kansas, an authorized 360 Yield Center dealer. For more information, call 620-872-4842 or visit