Record high 2019 New Mexico pecan production

Estimates show that New Mexico’s utilized pecan production in 2019 reached a record high 96.6 million pounds, up 6% from the utilized production of 91.1 million pounds in 2018. The preliminary data was included in the recent Pecan Production report released by the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The pecan harvest will not be complete until late February, at which time USDA-NASS will collect final crop data. The final crop production figures are scheduled to be released May 5.

New Mexico is ranked as the No. 1 pecan-producing state in the United States. The estimated value of 2019 New Mexico pecan production was $170.02 million dollars.

The Land of Enchantment is also home to the highest pecan-producing county in the nation. According to the 2017 census, Doña Ana County led the nation with 34,319 total acres, of which 31,891 were bearing acres. The state as a whole had 50,722 total acres of pecans, of which 44,434 were bearing acres.

According to the preliminary 2019 data, New Mexico had the highest utilized production, followed by Georgia at 69.0 million pounds. The report noted that many trees in Georgia were still recovering from the effects of last year’s Hurricane Michael, including broken roots and loss of fruiting limbs. Hot dry weather in late August through October also negatively impacted the Georgia yield.

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