New hybrids and varieties give farmers more choice in 2021

Syngenta expands NK corn and soybean portfolios

Whether it’s unpredictable weather or the appearance of new pests and diseases, farming remains as challenging as ever. To help farmers minimize risk and maximize potential return on investment despite these curveballs, Syngenta is releasing 11 new NK corn hybrids and 21 new NK soybean varieties for the 2021 growing season.­­

Backed by the extensive research and development capabilities of Syngenta, NK breeders tapped into data, analytics and agronomic expertise to bring these products to market.

"Because of the ongoing challenges faced by farmers, it’s necessary that we constantly look ahead for ways to accommodate their needs and mitigate risk," said Quinn Showalter, NK head of sales. "By combining the latest in seed technology with top-of-the-line genetics, NK is able to continue to add products to our lineup that we know will withstand some of the toughest conditions."

Elite corn genetics to help meet agronomic needs

The reinvigorated NK corn portfolio offers high-yielding performance protected by industry-leading traits, helping farmers maximize their whole-farm ROI potential. Bred from one of the industry’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools and equipped with industry-leading Agrisure® traits, NK hybrids fit the unique challenges of farms across the U.S.

"Bred to meet farmers’ local needs, the new NK hybrids are more competitive than ever, with strong agronomic packages driving winning yields," said Joe Bollman, NK corn product manager. "Ongoing innovation is allowing us to develop hybrids that can match any environment and combat any conditions—which, as last year reminded everyone, could be both expected and unexpected."

The new hybrids build on another strong season for NK corn. Despite the record-breaking environmental challenges of 2019, NK hybrids outperformed key competitors in the Corn Belt and beyond. For example:

In South Dakota and Minnesota, NK0243-5122 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DeKalb hybrids by 10.7 bu/A across 43 comparisons and Pioneer hybrids by 7.3 bushels per acre across 40 comparisons.

In Iowa, NK0472-5222 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded Pioneer hybrids by 16.5 bushels per acre  in 22 comparisons.

In Illinois, NK1082-3330A E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DeKalb DKC59-06 by 16.5 bushels per acre  in 17 comparisons.

Expansive soybean trait portfolio offers more choice

The new varieties join a lineup of consistently high-yielding varieties equipped with today’s most in-demand herbicide technology choices. The NK soybean portfolio offers the industry’s broadest choice of herbicide traits to manage tough-to-control weeds, including Enlist E3 soybeans, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and LibertyLink GT27.

This is made possible by a state-of-the-art trait conversion capability that enables Syngenta to bring the latest, most desirable trait packages to market with the newest genetics. Combine these trait offerings with more than 50 years of breeding experience, and NK is able to offer farmers products that protect soybean yield potential in even the toughest of environments.

"We’re investing directly into our breeding program so that we can deliver products that keep up with and answer farmers’ needs," said Eric Miller, NK soybean product manager. "By setting the standard for soybean trait choice, the new NK varieties will help farmers minimize risk and maximize yield potential no matter their location."

In 2019, NK soybeans outyielded key competitors across the U.S. For example:

S14-U9X brand had strong showings in several areas. The variety outyielded Asgrow products by 4.1 bushels per acre  in 19 Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota comparisons, 1.8 bushels per acre  in 58 South Dakota and western Minnesota comparisons, and 1.6 bushels per acre in 12 Upper Midwest comparisons.

S28-E3 brand outyielded all Asgrow varieties by 5.2 bushels per acre  across 45 comparisons in southern and eastern Nebraska, and Pioneer varieties by 6 bu/A across 18 comparisons in the same area.

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Value beyond seed

NK is accelerating innovation to address the increasing challenges for farmers and the environment by delivering unique opportunities that add value beyond seed.

One such offering is Enogen corn, available through NK retailers in select locations. These unique hybrids add benefits for farmers marketing grain to ethanol plants or producing grain or silage for livestock feed.

Another is the NK Seed Analyzer, a tool that taps into decades of data to provide unbiased, field-specific recommendations. The adaptability of the platform allows retailers and farmers to proactively plan for weather volatility, soil variability and planting specifications by seeing actual results from numerous sources.

NK also is helping farmers take profit potential to new heights through 0% APR1 financing offers from John Deere Financial and Rabo AgriFinance.

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