Progressive Beef celebrates record growth

Progressive Beef, a cattle management and sustainability system for feedlot operators, is celebrating record growth. The program recently announced it has doubled the number of cattle certified through the program and nearly tripled the number of feedlots joining the program in the last year.

Progressive Beef is the largest ever cattle management and sustainability program for feedlot operators. The program focuses on three main pillars: cattle care, food safety and sustainability. Through a rigorous verification process, Progressive Beef increases transparency and helps give consumers assurances about the beef they purchase.

To date, more than two million cattle have been certified through the program and nearly four million cattle will be cared for at certified Progressive Beef feedlots this year. The number of feedlots entering the program has also shown impressive growth, jumping from approximately 21 in 2018 to nearly 60 as of January 31, 2020. The feedlots are primarily located in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

“Today’s consumers want to know where their beef comes from and that the cattle were raised with care,” says John Butler, chief executive officer of Progressive Beef, LLC. “Progressive Beef certifies that participating feedlots meet strict standards for cattle care, environmental sustainability, and process control. We are excited about the program’s growth and the opportunity it creates to deliver more beef to retail and foodservice operators that exceeds consumers’ expectations of how their food was raised.”

Receiving certification is a stringent process that can take several months. In order to receive the Progressive Beef certification, feedyards must train operators on critical areas including cattle care, water usage and energy usage. All Progressive Beef-certified feedyards must also adhere to a strict code of standard operating procedures and are verified annually by third-party auditors.

“At Magnum Feedyard, we are committed to producing the safest, highest quality & most wholesome beef,” says Audrey Gabel, owner of Magnum Feedyard. “In our quest for excellence and consumer transparency, Progressive Beef has served as the gold standard for quality management systems and we are proud to carry the Progressive Beef Certification.”

The program has gained popularity within the industry. In 2018, Tyson Fresh Meats, the beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods, Inc., became the first beef processor to license the Progressive Beef program, allowing its customers to fulfill the need for a beef program that creates a higher confidence level for consumers. Wendy’s is moving toward a majority of beef supplied by Progressive Beef-certified feedyards by 2021.

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