Valley Irrigation launches Valley 365 connected crop management

Valley Irrigation has launched an innovative platform for growers to manage, control and share data analytics between connected devices on the farm. Valley 365, a cloud-based, single sign-on platform for connected crop management, brings together the best features of existing Valley technology into one easy-to-use interface, providing growers more information and greater control of their pivots.

Valley 365 ( takes the functionality of precision management and control technology such as AgSense, Valley Scheduling, Valley Variable Rate Irrigation, and Valley Insights, integrating them into one platform. Growers can use a single sign-on to access all solutions in real time from anywhere at any time.

“With Valley 365, growers have the combination of our best technology at their fingertips,” says Andy Carritt, Vice President, Product Development for Valley Irrigation. “It provides greater efficiency, the knowledge to make smarter business decisions, and it’s built to support future advancements in precision irrigation.” 

The data in the Valley 365 platform is arranged into intuitive modules including Forecast & Plan, Monitor & Control, Insights & Analysis and Optimize & Apply. These allow growers to identify issues, determine which areas of the operation are affected, and execute necessary changes to optimize yield using fewer resources.

“Getting the correct amount of water on crops at the right time is the most important determinant when it comes to crop yield,” says Len Adams, Group President of Valley Irrigation. “Valley 365 gives growers the opportunity to leverage environmental and agronomic data to use their equipment more effectively. We are helping growers streamline irrigation practices.”

Scalability is key with this software solution. Growers can easily customize and add features as their needs change. It provides unlimited data storage, offers enhanced support capability and is extremely secure. Valley 365 is certified Ag Data Transparent, a symbol of trust and security in the agriculture industry that means Valley 365 adheres to a strict set of core principles governing how technology providers collect, use, store and transfer growers’ ag data.

“This is an intuitive system designed to make producers’ lives easier,” says Carritt. “It doesn’t replace the technologies our growers know and trust. Instead, it aligns those core applications, so producers can optimize data, benefit from organized analytics and insights, and stay connected to their fields.”