Cover Crop Field Day at Circle C Farms Water Technology Farm

Circle C Farms and Kansas Water Office will hold a Cover Crop Field Day to share the benefits of using cover crops during the off-season on April 2 near Healy, Kansas. The field day will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and is located approximately 8 miles west of Healy off of Highway 4.

The Circle C Farms Water Technology Farm has been part of the Kansas Water Office Water Technology Farm program for three years and has two Water Conservation Areas. The goal is to be more sustainable as well as save water for the future with different technologies and tools. Part of the management tools on the farm includes cover crops to best manage the evaporation and better capture the moisture to benefit the soils and plant.

Other demonstrations during the cover crop field day include:

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service rainfall simulator;

  • Benefits of using drones for agriculture; and

  • Soil moisture probe.

 For more information visit or contact Armando Zarco, Water Resource Planner at 620-765-7485.