Propane council redesigns its website to help producers

The Propane Education & Research Council recently redesigned and launched its website to better showcase all the things propane can do, including new propane-powered agricultural equipment’s efficiency and versatility for producers.

The website,, was redesigned from the ground up to help agricultural professionals, among others, learn about the advantages of propane-powered farm equipment and more easily access PERC’s numerous online resources.

“The new and improved website makes it easier for producers to gain access to information about propane-powered farm equipment—such as irrigation engines, grain dryers, building and water heat, flame weeding systems, and more—as well as the efficiency, cost savings, reduced emissions, and increased productivity propane offers,” said Mike Newland, PERC director of agriculture business development. “The website offers quick access to detailed information about propane equipment and a multitude of helpful resources to help producers make the best equipment decision for their farms.”

The new website features new articles, videos, customer testimonials, fact sheets, and information about PERC’s Propane Farm Incentive Program. An interactive search tool makes it easy for users to quickly find the information they need, as well as locate nearby propane equipment dealers and suppliers.