Lindsey: Time flies!

Cheyenne, Oklahoma—Hello, June! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies by. I feel like I blinked my eyes and the wheat that was as green as could be is now just about ready to cut!

I am Lindsey Orgain with Orgain Harvesting and I am honored to join you for another wheat harvest season.  My husband, Jason, and I live in Cheyenne, Oklahoma, with our two children Mason and Ivy.  As our family has grown and our farming practices have changed, so has our custom harvesting operation.  We once made the pull from Texas to Montana.  This year our plan—which is always subject to change—is to stick around home for some custom work, as well as cutting our own wheat.  You will find us in just about every corner of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, as well as Hemphill and Wheeler counties in the eastern Texas Panhandle.

We are not expecting a bumper crop by any means this year. As the wheat reached its critical production stage, the weather really worked against it.  Between late freezes and hailstorms, the crops in this area definitely took a hit.  As a result, lots of wheat was swathed and baled up.

We have been working around the clock with lots of fieldwork on our farm. We just finished planting our cotton crop and have also swathed and baled about 500 acres of wheat hay. We have been fortunate to do some custom seeding and custom swathing and baling as well. We should wrap up the last of our baling just in time to fire up the combine.

I am looking forward to sharing our journey with you all this summer! As always, I will show a lot of what goes on outside of the combine cab as I work to keep things running behind the scenes. Happy harvest trails to you!

All Aboard Harvest is sponsored by Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. and High Plains Journal. Lindsey can be reached at [email protected].