Destroying property is no way to protest

This was a big week for celebration in America, July 4. And at the same time we have a lot going on in America that is very disturbing.

We have protests, which is fine as long as they are peaceful. But anything more than peaceful to prove a point is tearing down what so many servicemen and women gave their lives to build up. We are told there are a few powerful and rich people that are paying people to be destructive. We have some that want to defund the police. We have a very small percentage of bad police or law enforcement and probably always will.

The best way to destroy our freedom and the great country we live in is to tear down our police and law enforcement. Gangs and corruption will immediately take over. There are a lot of countries where corruption rules. I will tell you that some of my Mexican friends told me. They said, “Do you know what would happen if you owned this sale in Mexico?” I said, “No.” They said, “The cartel would come to you and say you will give us a percentage of your profit and they would tell you what percentage.”

I said, “What if you don’t.” They said, “You won’t say no or they would kill you.” We still live in the greatest land of all but it troubles me terrible that we have two parties in politics that care more about getting the other party out and them getting in control than they do about America as we know it today. This election is extremely important to keep the America we know today like it is.

It is hard to get control of corruption once it changes to the bad. Wake up, America! I challenge you to pray that America makes the right decision instead of your party having control. I’m afraid America is headed down a dangerous road if we are not careful. There is too much hatred with some in America wanting America to fall. If that looks appealing to them they should try one of those countries and see how they like it rather than try to ruin ours.

One problem is we are raising a generation with most of them wanting everything handed to them for nothing. It is called spoiling your kids and not teaching them how to work and teaching them values. So naturally they want all the freedom that they want but they do not want any restrictions. They are living in a make-believe world, which will be the downfall of America. The more we leave God out, the more we will fall. That comes from a crusty ole cowboy who has more faults than you can imagine.

I man went to his preacher and said, “I hear voices inside me all the time telling me what to do. Do you think that is the devil making me hear those voices?"

He said, “No, it is probably because you are married.”

  Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.