Iowa Department of Natural Resources seeks public help on flood study

The Missouri River floods of 2019 had a major impact on Iowa farmlands. Now officials from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials are asking for public input in studying problems and solutions to Missouri River flooding.

Iowa DNR officials are working with officials from Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri and the Army Corps of Engineers on the comprehensive study of the 2019 flooding and to develop a flood risk management plan.

Tim Hall, the DNR’s hydrology resources coordinator, appeared on Iowa radio station KMA’s “Morning Line” program on June 28 to speak about the effort. Hall said the historic nature of the 2019 floods, coupled with other incidents, prompted the joint study. He noted the Missouri River flooded in 2010, 2011 and 2019, and the agency was collecting private data to help the Corps in its determinations.

DNR officials are kicking off the study’s first phase by releasing a short introductory video, to be followed by a series of virtual meetings with stakeholders in July.

Once problems are identified, the information gathered and analysis completed will be documented into a flood risk management plan for the entire lower Missouri River, which can be used at the state and local levels to help inform flood risk management decisions moving forward.

Anyone wishing to participate in the study should send an email to [email protected]. The full interview with Hall is available on the “Morning Line” page at

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