Kansas sheep and goat survey

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is seeking sheep and goat owners across Kansas to participate in a Sheep and Goat Survey to generate data and information regarding this segment of the Kansas specialty livestock industry.

The specialty livestock industry in Kansas is relatively small, compared to more traditional livestock production in Kansas; however, the specialty livestock operations that do exist are successful and have benefited from increased consumer demand. Specialty livestock in Kansas is an evolving sector that typically includes bison, goats, sheep, alpaca and llamas, but is also growing to include other species.

As part of the Kansas Ag Growth strategy, leaders from throughout the Kansas specialty livestock industry collaborated in the development and implementation of a long-term strategic growth strategy with input and discussion among key partners. One published outcome includes completing an economic impact study for specialty livestock in the state, when led to development of the Sheep and Goat Survey.

The purpose of the survey is to investigate the economic impact of the sheep and goat industry in Kansas. Through your participation, the state will be able to use this information to advance education, marketing, research and outreach activities designed specifically for the Kansas sheep and goat sectors. The survey can help identify ways that the Kansas Department of Agriculture can be more responsive to grower and market needs, and producers may use this data to better understand the sheep and goat industry in their area. The Sheep and Goat Survey is voluntary, the survey will be open through Aug. 17. To take the survey, please visit www.tinyurl.com/sheepgoat2020. If you have a disability and are unable to complete the survey, but wish to participate, please contact Peter Oppelt, KDA economist, at 785-564-6726 or [email protected] to receive a written survey or survey over the telephone.