Sunflower crop progressing

The 2020 U.S. sunflower crop continues to progress at a faster pace after a slow start this spring. Very warm to hot temperatures along with drier soil conditions are pushing the crop toward maturity in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Most of the crop in these states is considered in good to excellent condition. Crop conditions in Colorado have improved slightly in the past two weeks however drought is affecting the crop with most of it in only fair condition. Birdfood prices have remained mostly stable after a run up in late July to early August. Birdfood bids are trading at $25.00 to $30.00 in South Dakota. North Dakota birdfood prices were trading for as much as $21.00 to $22.50 in some locations. Seed prices have been generally steady in the High Plains states. U.S.-China trade relations have Chicago Board of Trade traders on edge again with President Trump saying that he recently canceled trade talks with China. China is not currently on pace to match its phase-one commitments in 2020, although it has made a recent flurry of grain purchases throughout late July and early August. Despite the recent large Chinese purchases, the size of the U.S. crop is outshining export sales. Some market analysts think the supply situation will continue to keep pressure on the grain markets with potentially very large corn and soybean crops this fall. The key to oilseed prices going forward will be U.S. summer weather and demand news.