Texas-based start-up gives growers better outputs while protecting the environment

PureAcre, Southlake, Texas, has launched as part of BPS Agriculture’s portfolio of companies, announcing they’ll bring new high-performance, Earth-friendly biostimulants and nutritionals to field crop growers in the coming months. The line of agricultural products utilizes PureAcre’s proprietary technology, OpusMAX, to significantly improve nutrient delivery and up plant performance.

PureAcre’s new products aim to solve big challenges associated with large-scale farming; how to reduce the environmental footprint of farming and how to improve the economics of growers. The company believes this can be done through a more advanced delivery system for nutrients and biostimulants.

“In addition to cultivating a successful crop for a profit, today’s growers are increasingly concerned about environmental impact. For example, in the US, approximately 6 million tons of nitrogen are lost through volatilization, run-off, leaching, and other pathways, which is not a sustainable practice,” said John Appel, president of PureAcre. “Our approach is to leverage OpusMAX, enabling better, more consistent performance at significantly lower use rates, benefiting growers and the environment.”

PureAcre is currently working on a product concept with potential to increase nutrient assimilation by double-digit percentages as demonstrated in internal trials. David Coorts, technical director for PureAcre, said, “As crop yields increase to meet global food production demands, fertilizer rates would increase to support those needs with today’s technology. Our goal is to deliver higher yields through increased nutrient utilization.”

One class of products commonly used to increase nutrient use efficiency are biostimulants—the two most popular are humic acid and seaweed extracts, which account for 60 percent of the global biostimulant market. By leveraging these Earth-friendly materials, PureAcre allows growers to improve their results in an eco-friendly way. In internal and third-party lab tests, OpusMAX has demonstrated a significant increase in biomass when added to both humic acid products and seaweed extract products.

“The results we’ve seen have been profound. When we incorporate OpusMAX with seaweed extract and humic acid, we have seen an impact of 25% and 35% increase in plant mass, respectively,” Coorts said.

PureAcre has a flexible go-to-market strategy, offering agriculture retailers the option to directly sell PureAcre-branded products, partner with the company to create their own private-label products, or license OpusMax for use in their in-house manufacturing.

PureAcre joins Verano365 and Farm Shield in the BPS Agriculture portfolio of companies.

For more information, visit www.pure-acre.com.