Oklahoma junior livestock competition

All across the nation, events are being postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, and agricultural events are no exception. The Oklahoma State Fair is an annual event that over 1 million people attend. It has taken place every year since statehood with the exception of 2020 and 1945. After the cancellation of The Oklahoma State Fair in August, one group came together and put on an event for the students of Oklahoma to showcase their FFA and 4-H projects. That event was the EYO Fall Classic held in Duncan, Oklahoma, and was hosted by The Oklahoma Youth Expo staff.

“Amid the cancelation of the Oklahoma State Fair, our team at the Oklahoma Youth Expo believes it is critical to provide an opportunity for our ag youth exhibitors to have a venue to exhibit their livestock,” said president of onward endowment, Tyler Norvell. “Therefore we have launched the EYO, the Exposition for the Youth of Oklahoma Fall Classic. The hard work and dedication our ag youth put towards their livestock projects needs to be recognized and rewarded.”

While talking to Norvell I learned there were 1,176 exhibitors that participated, and they represented 76 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. These students competed in a variety of contests. Members from my local community entered contests including crops, market and breeding livestock, photography and news reporting pieces.

At this point in time there has been no talk about the EYO Fall Classic being an annual show. Norvell said, “We hope next year to be having the Oklahoma State Fair Livestock Show that the OYE staff puts on each year.” Only time will tell if that show will be held, but whether it is the Oklahoma State Fair or EYO, I am confident FFA and 4-H members and their families will be happy to have a fair to attend to showcase their projects.