‘Siberian Express’ a threat to livestock

Last year at this time a pandemic was starting that would break records and redefine life as we knew it, but now a new challenge has come our way in the form of a polar vortex normally centered over the North Pole. It has destabilized and pushed extremely cold air toward the U.S.

While Feb. 8’s cold morning chill made bridges slick, caused car wrecks and prevented many from attending school, it will pale in comparison to the temperatures and precipitation expected this Valentine’s Day weekend.

This Arctic air mass, nicknamed the “Siberian Express,” is predicted to shatter records for wind chills and bring low temperatures to the negatives for many in Plains and Midwest states. For cattlemen, these extreme weather conditions come at an particularly inconvenient time as many are beginning to start calving season and these low temperatures could mean life and death for their stock.

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