How do Wyoming residents receive information?

A new survey designed by the University of Wyoming Extension and Cent$ible Nutrition Program to better understand how Wyomingites gather information is open for residents to share their experiences.

“We are a rural state, so having accurate information about how populations in rural states engage with media and social media is hard to find from national groups,” said Kali McCrackin Goodenough, CNP marketing coordinator.

The survey is completely anonymous. Consent form and contact information will be kept separate from results, which will be used to explore trends across Wyoming, said McCrackin Goodenough.

Those who complete the survey will receive a four-in-one kitchen tool as a thank you. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and can be found at

The data from the survey will provide insights on which social media and traditional media platforms people in Wyoming primarily use to gather information and allow groups like UW Extension and CNP to better serve their audiences, shared McCrackin Goodenough.

“Having data for our state that is relevant and real is valuable,” she said.

CNP is aiming to develop a social marketing campaign related to healthy habits and plans to use this data to better share that campaign across the state, said McCrackin-Goodenough.

“This is a chance for people in Wyoming to say where they want to get their information from,” she said.

For questions or comments, contact the Cent$ible Nutrition Program at [email protected].

CNP offers nutrition education classes and engages in community interventions to help families in every Wyoming county and the Wind River Indian Reservation. CNP classes are free to anyone who meets household monthly or yearly income guidelines, and classes help participants eat better for less.