America at a T

There have been several situations recently that allow us to say we are at a crossroads in the future of farming. We are now at a crossroads for the future of not only farming but resource consumption.

We clearly see how the elite of the world are pushing their ideas of food production and healthy consumption. I, for one, am not going to take it quietly and, believe me, if we all get loud and start steering instead of just riding along, we can make it great again.

Certainly by now you have heard the man who owns a ton of farmland in the United States has said, “We need to move away from meat consumption.” Bill Gates promotes the false narrative that cows—and all animals, for that matter—are anything but healthy for the planet. Animals consume only plants; plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen so how can they convince anyone to the contrary?

I’ve got to be honest, my first inclination is to go find the research that proves that grazing animals improve the health and absorptive capacity of plants. While the research exists and we have been waving the science flag for a long time, how well has that worked for us? Not well at all.

What if we just apply a little bit of common sense and take a look at this. We have Gates, who is suddenly getting attention about vaccinations, disease control, food production and climate health.

Gates buys his way out of every situation. He created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to turn his tarnished image around by making us think he “just wants to help people.” This is the same guy who has said publicly, “if we do a really great job with new vaccines, health care and reproductive services we can lower that (population) by 1.3%.” Then you read that the fact checkers report that when Bill Gates is quoted about reducing population, “it is taken out of context.” Who sponsors these “fact checkers”?

This is the same guy that talks about creating a filter to reduce sunlight. Folks, “farmer Bill” is going to fail at farming before he even starts if he thinks he can reduce sunlight and still continue the cycle of life. It appears to be an ironic week in the Great Plains of America to talk about global warming. As I write this column, we and many others are experiencing rolling blackouts. Four million people in Texas are still without power because our policy makers have been listening to Gates about the dangers of coal. Ranchers moved away from using windmills to water livestock because they were labor intensive and unreliable. Can someone please point out to our national leaders that if farmers and ranchers find something that is more reliable than wind power, it is ill-guided for the rest of the nation to go with what we left behind?

At the end of the day, real Americans do not have the resources to buy the networks to lobby all of the policy makers but we do still have the basic right of free speech. I know every attempt is being made to censor you and me but there is always a way to share our story. At the current crossroads of this nation, there is no straight ahead; it is a T and we will have no choice but to either turn right or turn left. Please help us steer the vehicle in the right direction for the future of our country.

Editor’s note: Trent Loos is a sixth generation United States farmer, host of the daily radio show, Loos Tales, and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a non-profit organization putting the human element back into the production of food. Get more information at, or email Trent at [email protected].