Fits like a glove

Why use fancy terms or big words when you can keep it simple. Be real. Lean on adages we have all heard, so you know exactly what it means. One of my go-tos in business and in life is “fits like a glove.”

Those that know me well would quickly jump to my passion for America’s favorite pastime, but in this instance, I am referencing something far beyond the game. People.

People are fascinating. Both in their individuality and strength when we come together. The people and professional relationship between High Plains Journal and the FFA organization is a special partnership that fits like no other. At HPJ, we believe in always looking for ways to improve and to find a better way, deliver what you promise and have pride in all you do. From what I have observed, not only are these values a part of many of your farm and ranch operations but also represent the leadership and applied principles taught through FFA. That common thread is our common bond.

Last spring, HPJ and FFA partnered on a promotion that contributed 25% of all subscription revenue directly to your state FFA foundations. Although almost a year has passed, I still receive appreciation for those contributions across the country. It is inspiring. Because of your commitment to preserve agriculture’s legacy and provide opportunity for the next generation of producers, together we were able to donate over $30,000 during a challenging 2020 and impact more than 30 different state chapters across the High Plains.

Because of the success and the number of modifications to educational programs the FFA had to endure during 2020, HPJ would like to expand this opportunity in 2021. With National FFA week last month and National Agriculture Week this month, we want to encourage ag activities returning to conventional form and inspire our family of communities by extending this year’s promotion from March 1 through April 30, 2021. It is the same promotion and the same commitment to our next leaders of agriculture.

If you are anything like me, you often learn just as much from these young leaders as I hope they do from our HPJ family of producers and business partners. So even though your blue corduroy jacket may not fit like it once did, it will continue to be a large part of the agricultural glue that unites our past with our future. And it is the people that wear them that will always be the glove that fits.

Zac Stuckey can be reached at 620-227-1833 or [email protected].