Georgia weekly cattle auction summary

Georgia weekly livestock auction summary reported receipts of 7,286 head of cattle selling the week ending on March 6, compared to 6,572 head the previous reporting period and 7,623 head a year ago, according to the USDA-Georgia Department of Agriculture Market News, Thomasville, Georgia.

The total included 5,791 head of feeder cattle, 1,077 head of slaughter cattle and 418 head of replacement cattle compared to the previous week’s total of 4,599 head of feeder cattle, 1,508 head of slaughter cattle and 465 head of replacement cattle. A year ago the total was 5,954 head of feeder cattle, 1,182 head of slaughter cattle and 487 head of replacement cattle. Compared to a week ago, the slaughter cows and bulls were steady to $2 lower. The feeder classes weighing over 600 pounds were steady to $3 higher and weighing under 600 pounds were mostly selling $2 to $5 higher. The replacement cows were mostly steady. The year-to-date receipts totaled 61,836 head, compared to 68,824 head a year ago. The supply included 79% feeder cattle with 25% steers, 48% were heifers and 27% were bulls; 15% was slaughter cattle with 84% cows and 16% were bulls; and 6% was replacement cattle with 47% bred cows and 53% were cow-calf pairs. The feeder cattle supply weighing over 600 pounds was 16%.