Free RFID cattle tags still available

The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health still has a large number of free low frequency RFID ear tags available.

These ear tags store only a 15-digit Animal Identification Number. This number stays with an animal and can provide a timeline of its locations. Information like that offers producers peace of mind, especially in the case of an animal disease outbreak in their area. Without that information, producers may have to worry about more than a flat tire on the way to the feedlot or sale barn.

Several livestock markets in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have RFID tag readers on site.

Kansas accredited veterinarians may order the tags through either the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health or USDA-APHIS staff.

The RFID tags may be ordered in white, orange or any combination of those two colors. These RFID tags will be offered as an alternative to the silver metal “Brite” and orange metal Official Calfhood Vaccination tags.

Current tag contracts are through the manufacturers Allflex, DataMars, and Y-tex. Orders must be placed by an accredited veterinarian. When placing the order, request a one-year supply.