Company creates emerging business division; appoints 3 to senior leadership team

Scoular, Omaha, Nebraska, announced June 1 it has created new division to lead businesses in the early stages of development and to serve as an incubator for strategic investment opportunities.

Scoular Senior Vice President Ed Prosser will lead the new division, called “Emerging Businesses.” The Emerging Businesses Division will include business activity focusing on biofuels, renewable energy, carbon markets, investments in agricultural technology, such as Roger LLC—a technology solution for the dry bulk freight industry, and other future growth ventures. Prosser has more than 36 years of experience in agribusiness and in 2018 he was named senior vice president of risk management.

Scoular CEO Paul Maass announced three promotions to the company’s senior leadership team. Appointees include Joe Andrus as senior vice president and feed division manager; Rob Ingham as senior vice president and grain division manager; and Amy Patterson as president of Petsource, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Scoular.

Andrus succeeds John Messerich, who has retired. Andrus previously served as vice president and general manager for the high-nutritional value proteins business unit. Bingham succeeds Bob Ludington, who recently retired but will continue to serve on the company’s board of directors. Bingham previously served as vice president and general manager for the wheat business unit. Patterson previously served as a vice president and Petsource general manager.