Company hits milestone with bulk bins produced

In July Green’s Welding and Sales marked its 38th year in business and coincided with a milestone as the company announced it now has over 8,000 GWS bulk bins produced.

Green’s Welding and Sales in rural Appleton City, Missouri, manufactures livestock equipment. In celebrating, many vendors and business partners provided prizes and gift cards to GWS employees for the 38th celebration and employee appreciation event. The employees participate in a team building activity and they were recognized for their service and dedication. Every employee received a gift bag, door prize and gift card.

Green’s Welding and Sales was founded in 1983 and remains owned and operated by Chris and Karen Green. Their son, Brian, works in the business and oversees Hydrabed sales and service. Amy Green-Nold, their daughter, is taking an active role in advertising and marketing in the family business and employees have come a part of the extended family. Kevin Moore has been an employee for 22 years. His role at Green’s Welding has grown as the company has grown.

From a welding repair shop in a rented two-car garage in Rockville, Missouri, Green’s Welding and Sales has grown to 108 GWS dealers in 13 states. Chris Green started the business with a portable welder working after hours from his full-time job. He learned about weaknesses of products through repair welding. As a cattleman, he has also learned what works. He takes pride in designing and fabricating quality products that he uses with his own cattle.

Along with bulk feed bins, GWS also manufactures 150-bushel creepers, 10-foot metal feed bunks, 20-foot metal feed bunks, 20-foot portable feed bunks, portable panel trailers, portable panels and working chutes. Specifically, the GWS bulk feed bin allows for convenient, safe storage of bulk feed, which decreases cost. Bulk bins are 14-gauge steel construction with sight glass, rain guard, ground opening lid, and feed door perfect for filling buckets. Bulk bin sizes include 5-, 3-, and 1-ton stationary models. Portable bulk bins come in 3- and 1-ton models. GWS continues to respond to customer requests and has a line of options available for bulk bins. Recently, a bucket rack for bulk bins has been added to the option list. The bucket rack can be added to any size bulk bin. It provides the customer with an added feature to enhance the convenience of the bulk bin.

Green’s Welding and Sales continues to stress quality, integrity and passion. GWS strives to serve dealers and customers by providing quality products. For more information on services or dealer information, contact 660-476-5598 or visit